Silver linings following the Eagles lopsided Week 13 loss vs. 49ers

Don't fret. Despite a lopsided Eagles loss in Week 13, there are plenty of reasons to smile.

Philadelphia Eagles
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We are absolutely certain that this loss WILL make the Eagles a better football team.

If we don't know anything else about our Eagles, we do know this. They're a close-knit team that owns a business-first mindset. This loss will refocus them. They will become a better team because of this.

Look at things this way. They could see these same 49ers again during the postseason. Would you rather lose a Week 13 game or would you rather lose a game in January?

It's often pointless to describe one team's season by drawing parallels to another that played six years prior. We can make an exception here though. The 2023 Eagles are very similar in a lot of ways to 2017's squad.

Here's something that stands out. Doug Pederson's group also began its campaign with a 10-2 record. They also lost their 12th game, and it was the ugliest loss the Birds endured that season, a road defeat versus the Seattle Seahawks.

What's the point? Again, we know those were different teams with different personnel. We just wanted to let you know bad losses are sometimes taken by great teams.

The Eagles are a great team. They still haven't played their best game yet. This time, living on the edge cost them, but we can say this and say it with confidence. The Dallas Cowboys are in a world of trouble now.

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