Silver linings following the Eagles lopsided Week 13 loss vs. 49ers

Don't fret. Despite a lopsided Eagles loss in Week 13, there are plenty of reasons to smile.
Philadelphia Eagles
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The Philadelphia Eagles still own the best record in the NFL.

The Week 13 loss drops the Eagles to 10-2 on the season. Ten wins in the first 12 games with wins over the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, and Kansas City Chiefs? Heck yeah! We'll take that.

Football is a funny thing. It's a week-to-week game. Sometimes, it's your day. Sometimes, it isn't.The Birds ran into a buzzsaw and came out on the losing end. That's going to happen sometimes. That also brings us to our next point.

This was only Week 13. Football WILL be played next weekend, and everything will be fine.

Though this was viewed as an NFC Championship Game rematch, it wasn't. It was a grudge match of sorts, but it wasn't a rematch. The George Halas Trophy wasn't handed out. Football will be played in Week 14.

Now, here's the thing. The Eagles can't let one loss become two. The Cowboys are a tough out, and the Birds haven't won in Arlington since 2017.

Next week's game will determine first place in the NFC East, and if the Birds win, we're back on track. That win would give them a season sweep of their rivals and some breathing room. That has to be the mindset right now.