Stat predictions for Eagles star Jordan Davis, three NFC East rival receivers during NFL's fourth week of action

  • The Eagles play their first game against a divisional foe this weekend.
  • Their other adversaries are looking to keep pace with wins of their own.
  • Here are a few predictions for one player on each rival's squad.
Jordan Davis, Philadelphia Eagles
Jordan Davis, Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Jordan Davis, defensive tackle, Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles' defense will be up against the Commanders' offensive line which has allowed 19 sacks. That's the highest total in the league. Philadelphia defensive tackle Jordan Davis has accounted for1.5 sacks and 11 combined tackles. Look for him to have a big game.

Philly's front four has the ability to set the tone versus the Commanders' offensive line. The hope is the Birds can pressure Howell and force Washington's offense to play behind the chains on second down and attempt long conversion attempts on third downs.

The Eagles' defensive line can generate pressure by way of effort and blitzes. That could lead to forced turnovers. They can also create good field position for the offense.

Davis is one of the club's best linemen. He's among the leaders in both sacks and tackles for losses. He has the potential to make a difference against the Commanders. We expect him to do so. This could really turn out to be a tremendous breakout game.

Prediction for Davis - four solo tackles including two tackles for losses, 1.5 sacks