Subplots surrounding an otherwise meaningless Eagles versus Colts preseason finale

  • The Eagles and Colts always seem to cross paths on the NFL's winding road.
  • They have again given us much to talk about.
  • Many of the more intriguing stories have nothing to do with the game.
Shane Steichen, Philadelphia Eagles
Shane Steichen, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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The Eagles' attempt to pay homage to their former offensive coordinator has led to some unresolved issues.

Philly's joint practice with Indy was a tense affair throughout, but believe it or not, things reached their boiling point when Nick Sirianni attempted to pay homage to his former assistant Shane Steichen by running a trick play that Shane created as Eagles offensive coordinator, one that Philly never used in an actual in-game setting.

Trick plays typically aren't run in joint practices, so when Kenneth Gainwell threw a TD pass to Grant Calcaterra on a halfback option, some believe that drew the ire of Philly native Zaire Franklin. He preceded to rough up Kenny G on a couple of plays that followed, and you guessed it. That led to Jason Kelce going 'Hulk Smash' on the Colts star.

While it may seem like Thursday night's game might have been the best place for veterans on both sides of the fence to air out a few grievances, no one from the first or second team will play for either team. Hey, that's cool with us. They got enough of each other on Tuesday.

While we expect Kelce and Franklin to take the high road and share a handshake at some point after the game, Philly and Indy, unless they meet in a Super Bowl, won't play again until the 2026 NFL season. We expect all of this to be long forgotten by then.

Believe it or not, the Eagles and Colts have a game to play.

We would be remiss if we mentioned that there are subplots surrounding this game, and we failed to mention the game. As the days and weeks have passed, the Eagles' 53-man roster seems to be settling into place, but there are a few jobs that are up for grabs.

Philly's joint practice with the Colts was a tense affair. The session ended early, but despite everything that happened, there is still a game to play on Thursday. Several guys on both sidelines are looking for one final opportunity to prove they deserve spots on their respective team's 53-man roster. This won't be the most exciting of affairs, but it's still worth a watch.

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