Subplots surrounding an otherwise meaningless Eagles versus Colts preseason finale

  • The Eagles and Colts always seem to cross paths on the NFL's winding road.
  • They have again given us much to talk about.
  • Many of the more intriguing stories have nothing to do with the game.
Shane Steichen, Philadelphia Eagles
Shane Steichen, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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No one should worry about how expensive Jonathan Taylor's acquisition might be. Roseman will find a way to swindle Ballard.

What's that? Oh, you were wondering how a possible acquisition of Taylor might impact Philly's ability to sign other players? We get where you're coming from, but let's say Howie Roseman decided to flex his muscles. Making a deal work might be easier than you think.

According to Over The Cap, Philly has somewhere around $47.1 million in cap space for the 2024 NFL season.

We know overpaying for a tailback isn't a part of the Eagles' business model; however, we also know that, if Howie is inclined, he would work his magic, make the financial ledgers look kosher, and probably craft a deal that would make Indy look foolish. He has been known to take Indy's measure before. See the Carson Wentz trade if you need evidence of that statement's accuracy.

We'll be honest with you. We don't know why Chris Ballard still takes Howie's phone calls. Again, there's also next to no chance that Philly will strike this type of deal (especially when Taylor is searching for an extension). Guys like Landon Dickerson, Haason Reddick, and DeVonta Smith will need to sign extensions soon. This is still loads of fun to talk about though, isn't it?