The case for and against the Eagles firing Nick Sirianni

Should Philadelphia part with its head coach in the offseason?
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles
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Final thoughts

The Eagles' flaws have caught up with them, and the front office must accept some of the blame. For instance, Howie Roseman didn't do a good enough job of compensating for the losses of defensive tackle Javon Hargrave and linebacker T.J. Edwards, but it's Sirianni's job to get the most out of what he has been given. Frankly, most position groups have seemingly gotten worse.

Collectively, the Eagles coaches and players are all at fault for the club's struggles this year. Nick has held himself accountable and has defended his players and coaches, offensive coordinator Brian Johnson included. This team isn't going in the direction that it needs to go in fast enough though.

Sirianni's offense is flawed. That has shown these past six weeks. Whether that be in plays that are called or by bad execution. He has made some perplexing decisions, leaving starters in the contest against the 49ers with Philadelphia trailing by 23 points late in the fourth quarter. His explanation? We heard a "fight to the end" message.

Philly hasn't fought to the end though. The loss to the Seattle Seahawks was surprising. The win over the New York Giants was uninspiring. The losses to the Arizona Cardinals and Giants were unacceptable and deflating. Everyone is grasping for answers.

I, for one, do not believe in tight end Dallas Goedert's or Chad Johnson's assertions that the Eagles' lack of effort the last several weeks is due to the club waiting for the playoffs or playing possum until the postseason. Many things are fundamentally wrong currently with this organization that need to be fixed during the next several months.

If the Eagles do not, at a minimum, somehow make it to the NFC Championship Game this postseason, Lurie needs to consider if Philly would benefit from a change at head coach because the dysfunction is evident, specifically since the start of December. The organization is in flux. This team has regressed, and yes, it is certainly possible that Sirianni has lost the locker room.

Philadelphia needs to make substantial changes to its roster and coaching staff during the offseason. Nick's future as the head coach needs to be considered with the team free-falling over the last six weeks. If key players express concerns or dissatisfaction with Sirianni during their exit interviews with the front office, then the Eagles may ultimately benefit from a head coaching change.

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