Can't-miss moments from an infuriating Eagles season-ending press conference

Howie Roseman and Nick Sirianni hung out with the media to close the Eagles season. Let's just say we still have more questions.
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So, what happened with that Sean Desai demotion again?

Nick Sirianni will again lead the Philadelphia Eagles as their head coach next season. That's a fact. Some of you are upset about that decision. That is also a fact, but if you're searching for a viable cause for termination, don't look at the collapse. Look instead at the decision to strip Sean Desai of playcalling duties (and the subsequent decision to hand those same duties to Matt Patrica).

That reeks of panic. That reeks of a man with no answers. Those are firable offenses if you are indeed searching for a few.

Maybe 'demotion' is a bad word. Sean was never demoted. He was stripped of many of his responsibilities, but he wasn't demoted. Howie Roseman discussed the process though.

From what we understand, Nick approached Howie and informed him of what he wanted just as he told Howie that he was going to give play-calling to Shane Steichen in 2021. It doesn't change the results, but at least we have an understanding... sort of.

Here are some other highlights from the Eagles' season-ending press conference.

Here are two conflicting statements. Both are true. We learned a lot from Wednesday's presser, and we also learned nothing. Just for kicks though, here are a few more of the highlights.

Let's make long stories shorter. The Eagles still believe in Nakobe Dean. The linebacker position will again be an issue in 2024. Most importantly, Nick Sirianni has no power.

We'll say it again. It's going to be a very long offseason.

Watch the full press conference below.

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