Can't-miss moments from an infuriating Eagles season-ending press conference

Howie Roseman and Nick Sirianni hung out with the media to close the Eagles season. Let's just say we still have more questions.
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Coach Sirianni will get the defensive coordinator he has wanted all along.

The Eagles wanted Vic Fangio after losing Jonathan Gannon last offseason, but the deep postseason run forced both sides into a position where Fangio needed to take the best job available from the team that was ready to hire him and Philly needed to take what was available late.

Sadly, there wasn't much left after needy teams had already made their hires, but after an unexpected plot twist came on Wednesday, doors were reopened. Nick will finally have the DC he wanted once Gannon left, but we have concerns. What if this marriage was formed too late?

Nick Sirianni knows he has a lot of work to do to redeem himself. We also learned what his job is.

Following a couple of good seasons where the Eagles overachieved (and a torrid start to the most recent campaign), the 2023-2024 NFL season ended with a thud for our Birds. You can best believe Philly's HC was asked about that. We also learned the answer to another question. What's this guy's job again?

On the subject of redeeming himself (and his recent interview with Eagles CEO and Chairman Jeffrey Lurie, he stated the following:

"You’d better believe Im thinking how do I re-prove myself. I was a young coach that Mr. Lurie and Howie and this organization trusted to give the job to. I had to prove myself that this guy can lead the organization like they asked me to, and I had to prove myself from then. I think you ask me that question, did I have to sell my vision, no, because it was business as usual, but you'd better believe that I'm thinking after that 1-6 finish after starting the way we started and doing the things that we've done in the past that I'm thinking I'm going to prove them right again, and we're going to prove them right. We've got to re-prove ourselves. We've got to go prove it again. That's how I feel right now. That's how I'm attacking this off-season. That's how I'm attacking this upcoming season as we get ready for it. Just hungry to be able to prove myself again to Mr. Lurie and the faith that he's had in me and Howie and the faith he's had in me and the rest of the team and the city."

Nick has earned his chance to fix things. That's a fact. We'd be lying, however, if we stated we fully trust him to get things done. It's also obvious that we will no longer see his offense.

Buckle up. This will continue to be a discussion up to and through next season.