Vic Fangio may have played a role in Haason Redick's dismissal per report

We may never know what truly happened behind the scenes during the recent Haason Reddick saga, but that won't stop us from guessing. Meanwhile, here's Dan Sileo's theory.

Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles
Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Water under the bridge... Old news... Worry about the guys we have here... If you're like most, these three phrases have all been uttered by all of us. They're often said during free agency or after some unexpected trade occurs (especially when the vibe feels like things didn't play out how one of the parties wanted). We may never know all of the details about what happened with the Haason Reddick negotiations and what led to his dismissal, but come on. That won't stop us from guessing, right?

As these words are being typed, Haason Reddick has already been introduced to the New York media as a Jet. The Eagles have bid him farewell and wished him good fortune. That was a nice gesture. He, in turn, responded by thanking the organization, fans, and his now-former teammates.

Philly gets a future conditional third-rounder out of the deal, one that could become a second-rounder if he meets certain stipulations. If he balls out and plays 67.5% of the Jets' defensive snaps and produces ten or more sacks next season, the Birds get their wish, but all of that also begs a question.

If the Eagles think he can do all of that, why didn't they just keep him here? It's not like this defense is so good they can afford to lose two of their best players (keep in mind the fact that Fletcher Cox retired).

Maybe we should say all of this is 'water under the bridge' or 'old news'. Maybe we should just 'worry about the guys who are here'. We like Haason though, so yeah, we wonder about what may have happened.

JAKIB Sports mainstay Dan Sileo reveals the reason for Haason Reddick's exit, maybe.

If you're looking for a great way to spend the afternoon or some way to navigate the latter portion of your workdays, tuning into JAKIB Sports' The National Football Show with Dan Sileo is always a great idea. The April 2nd show was certainly a treat.

Did Vic Fangio play a role in Haason's exit? According to Sils, that may be possible. Give this one a watch. It's definitely worth your time.

Hmmm... Interesting... It doesn't change anything. Haason is still a Jet, and the Eagles turn the edge rushing duties in Fangio's scheme over to Josh Sweat, Bryce Huff, Nolan Smith, and Brandon Graham. That's your rotation if they don't add another player or add someone by way of the NFL Draft.

Haason's aging. There's a theory for why he isn't here. The Eagles didn't want to pay him. There's another. Reddick has been underpaid for a while, and no one was tricking him into believing otherwise.

Again, we may never know the details of why he's gone, but when you're waiting on another draft, the imagination wanders. Then, there's the other thing. These Philly sports stations keep talking about him, so we couldn't forget him if we could.

Let's hope these young guys are ready because while he plays in the other conference now, two things are certain. If the Birds pass rush struggles, this topic will be revisited, especially if Haason Reddick is doing work and earning another Pro Bowl nod in Gotham.

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