Eagles: Ed Reynolds burst onto the scene at backup safety


A week ago, I gave an overview of the backup safety position battle on the Philadelphia Eagles, suggesting who I thought was in the lead for the third spot in the group and who might be on the outside looking in. After one preseason game though, the battle was totally blown open.

After originally listing Ed Reynolds, the Eagles’ fifth round pick in 2014, as the least likely safety to end up making the team. He disappointed last year and didn’t even make the 53-man roster despite just being drafted, finding himself on the team’s practice squad. After a quiet camp, he made the first step towards turning it around.

Reynolds picked off two passes in Sunday’s game against the Colts and almost had a third. He also had a tackle and a team-leading three passes defensed. Not bad for a guy who barely showed his face for the past year.

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Now, when I listed him as being the least likely safety to make the roster, I had him in deep last. I didn’t think he had any chance of making the team. However, after this performance, he definitely improved his chance of doing so. This was especially helpful considering that both Earl Wolff and Jerome Couplin didn’t play Sunday. Reynolds got tons of reps and was able to show that maybe he actually does have what it takes.

But, it’s important to remember that this was just one game and that there are still three more to go. It’s naive to think that one preseason game against mostly backups is enough to show what a player can do. For all we know, he could play awful in the next three games and prove that this game was a one-hit wonder. However, I’m optimistic that won’t happen.

While Reynolds’ stock is certainly up, I don’t think it’s enough yet to land him a roster spot. I listed Chris Prosinski as the most likely one to make it and I think he’s still at the top of the list. He had three tackles and a fumble recovery in the win. He’s also solid on special teams, something that Chip Kelly values very highly with backups on the team. It’s the reason why Chris Maragos is a lock to make the roster despite not being a particularly talented safety. Special teams are very important.

So, Prosinski remains at the top, but I think Reynolds moves into second place. That leaves Wolff and Couplin as the last two guys. Couplin should be returning to practice some time this week, although it remains to be seen when that will be. I still haven’t really seen much from him, so he’ll need to have a nice performance Saturday against the Ravens to get back on the radar. I still think he could be a dark horse to make the team if he does well.

Wolff has fallen into last place on my list after being in second place last week. He said after the game that his knee is feeling as bad as it was last year and that he can barely walk after practice, according to Eliot Shorr-Parks of NJ.com. He said he hopes to play again sometime this preseason, but I’m not too optimistic about his chances of doing so if he’s in so much pain.

If he can’t get on the field, he just has no shot of squeaking onto the roster. He just hasn’t proven that he can stay healthy enough to warrant keeping him on the team. It’s a shame how much he’s fallen since he was starting games his rookie year, but I think this is the end.

So, my new rankings are, in decreasing likeliness of making the team, Prosinski, Reynolds, Couplin, Wolff. As this game proved though, one game can change a lot, so I expect it to change again after the Ravens game.

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