Who are the Eagles five most disappointing players?

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DeMarco Murray, Running Back

When the Philadelphia Eagles signed DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews, and still had Darren Sproles on the roster, many were salivating at the possibilities in the run game. Dallas Cowboys fans were salty and said stuff like “800 yards before contact, y’all overpaid”, “He doesn’t have the Dallas O-line anymore”. For the first four weeks of the season, those Cowboys fans were absolutely right. Murray got crushed in the back field constantly because the o-line failed to execute, and when there were holes, Murray danced his way out of them and into the waiting hands of the defense. Marry is averaging 2.7 yards per carry and has only 2 touchdowns.

Murray also missed week 3 because of a hamstring injury and showed some signs of that last week. Now before I give Cowboys fans too much credit, Murray had a solid game against the New Orleans Saints this past Sunday. Murray averaged 4.5 yards per carry and looked tremendously better than the previous weeks. It seems like all the people who made this list of disappointing players have made steady progression each week. Murray looked like his old self, punishing defenders who got in his way, and used nifty moves to open holes that maybe weren’t there. Murray still looked a half step slow form that hamstring but that was to be expected. Let’s hope Murray can continue this play, because if he does in fact get it together, this rushing attack will turn into the nightmare people were dreaming of before the season.

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