Jordan Matthews doesn’t deserve this level of disrespect

Jordan Matthews, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Evan Habeeb/Getty Images)
Jordan Matthews, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Evan Habeeb/Getty Images) /

Unless you’re living underneath a rock, you’ve likely heard that Nelson Agholor is threatening to steal the slot receiver role from Jordan Matthews.


All Jordan Matthews has done is produce at a high level for the Philadelphia Eagles. Sure, he’s had an issue with drops. His health, as of late, has also begun to be a slight issue. Still, since 2014, Matthews has led the NFL in receiving yards from the slot.

Imagine the level of surprise when a training camp buzz led to statements that Nelson Agholor was pushing for a starting role in the slot receiver position. Mr. Inconsistency was leapfrogging the most consistent Eagles slot receiver over the past three seasons? I’m all for bold predictions, but that seems like sheer idiocy.

Chip Kelly’s era:

Perhaps even bolder, is the justification by some that Matthews was merely a product of a system. Chip Kelly was believed to be a godsend to fantasy football players. His innovative, albeit short-lived, offensive schematics blossomed Matthews into a bonafide force to be reckoned with. How is that a slight against Matthews though? He played in a system. He did well. That’s somehow his fault now?

Furthermore, Matthews has never had quarterback continuity.

Building a consistent model:

"For the first time in Matthews’s career, he will enter the season with the same quarterback as he ended the previous season catching passes. Matthews had Mark Sanchez throwing passes to him in 2014 and Sam Bradford in 2015."

Enter Carson Wentz. He’s entering a second consecutive season as the Eagles starter. Additionally, the onset of actual talent in the offensive unit means Matthews doesn’t have to overextend himself. Alshon Jeffery and LeGarrette Blount should alleviate some of the defensive pressure Matthews has to deal with.

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This is not an indictment against Agholor. He’ll still likely serve an important role in the offense this upcoming season. Having said that, it almost seems like the fluff pieces coming out ad nauseam have a feeling of propaganda to them.

Any attempt to boost Agholor’s confidence is welcomed, but a week’s worth of practice in shells and gym shorts doesn’t negate his performance in the NFL thus far.

So where does that leave us? Well, the first Eagles preseason game is Thursday night against the Green Bay Packers. As much as this site has pumped out quality content (shameless plug?), the Eagles continue to find ways to create new narratives and stories through their ambiguity.

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There’s no “official” depth chart as of right now. Position battles are fluid. The fluid in this case could be gasoline. Thursday’s game may not do anything but provide more fuel for the fire. It’s likely that Matthews will be limited. That’s if he plays at all. That means more opportunity for Agholor.

Context will matter. The Packers’ second and third string corners are not the same level of competition that the Eagles will face in week one of the 2017 season against the Washington Redskins. Having said that, if Agholor takes one to the house, the overreactions will be coming in full force.‘s Daniel Jeremiah has already shared his sentiment on the Agholor versus Matthews battle. On Sunday, Matthews decided to share his as well. It appears that the gasoline might be lighting a fire under Matthews’ behind.