Eagles kicker Jake Elliott wins NFC special teams player of the week


Had Eagles kicker Jake Elliott not won this award, there would have needed to be an investigation.

As fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, we all have an ability that no fan of the Dallas Cowboys will ever have the right to claim. We have a distinct ability to separate our emotions from our arguments. We can give an honest analysis of what we’re seeing on the field without letting our desires cloud our judgement. Then, there are moments like what we witnessed from rookie kicker Jake Elliott on Sunday.

Elliott’s efforts have resulted in him being awarded the NFC special teams player of the week. Truthfully, had he not won this award, Eagles fans would have fired up the Wentz Wagon and headed up to league offices. You’ve all seen the highlight over 100 times now, but for the sake of argument, you’ll have to watch it one more time.

Thank us later:

We’re calling Hollywood as we speak

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The story of Elliott’s journey to this moment is the kind of story that gets turned down by Hollywood directors for lacking realism. We all saw it with our own eyes though. A struggling rookie kicker who had already been cut by another NFL team made good on another chance.

It happened on national television, and it placed him in the Eagles’ and NFL record books in the process.

He’s the owner of the longest kick in franchise history. He’s the owner of the longest kick by a rookie in NFL history. Sunday’s masterpiece also makes him the owner of the longest kick made in the league since 2015.

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Elliott’s kick helped ease the tension of a game that never should have been in doubt in the first place. It also gave the Eagles their second division win in as many attempts. This one was over the hated New York Giants. Come to think of it, we might want to start thinking about that screenplay after.

It keeps sounding more and more like a pretty good story.