Message to the Philadelphia Eagles: 3 Reasons not to sign Dez Bryant

PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 31: Wide receiver Dez Bryant
PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 31: Wide receiver Dez Bryant /

Let’s get something straight before this gets out of hand. The Philadelphia Eagles have absolutely no reason to sign Dez Bryant.

For once in his life, Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones got it right. He finally wised up and got rid of a perennial cancer in the form of their now-former overrated wide receiver Dez Bryant. The Philadelphia Eagles fan base again had a reason to smile at the expense of their foes from Texas. There was just one problem.

People started paying attention to a tweet from one of the newer Eagles, defensive tackle Haloti Ngata. The worst part about it was what it said.

Just take a look for yourself:

Yeah right. No thank you.

Here are just three of the fifty or so reasons why that’s a dumb idea.

1. Team chemistry

For eight years in Dallas, we watched him irritate teammates, coaches and anyone else in shouting distance. Now do you really want to run the risk of him destroying every ounce of chemistry that this team’s been building?

2. There are other needs.

The Eagles have already extended Alshon Jeffery. They’ve added veteran Mike Wallace. Nelson Agholor has emerged and is already a better option in the slot than Bryant (Wait. You didn’t think he’d come to Philly and play on the outside, did you?). Then, there’s Mack Hollins, who we all want to see more of, and no one knows what Shelton Gibson will become.

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At this point, Gibson is the worst of that bunch, and he still has the potential to be better than Dez is. Philly, who will have to work deals for defensive end Brandon Graham and running back Jay Ajayi in the near future, need to focus their attention there and in other areas. The most notable areas are linebacker and tight end.

Why not concentrate on that rather than paying for a guy who has proven he can’t get the job done.

3. He’s eroded.

Let’s get something straight. Dez Bryant has never been elite, and he’s gotten worse over time. His hands are questionable. He doesn’t scare anyone. Teams playing the Cowboys used to help corners with a safety. Then, they decided that wasn’t really necessary.

The plan for covering Bryant changed. Teams decided they no longer needed to help over the top with a safety. They just followed Dez around with their best cover guy. Then, they decided that wasn’t necessary either. The plan for covering Bryant changed again.

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Teams, then, decided they didn’t even need their best cover guy to shut Dez down. They’d just break the defensive huddle, and wherever number 88 lined up, they felt whoever was standing there could shut Bryant down.

More often than not, they were right.

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To make long stories short…

Let’s sum this up. Ngata got excited. He made a mistake. Let’s all move on.