The Philadelphia Eagles return to work: Check out some of the tweets

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - FEBRUARY 04: Jordan Richards
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - FEBRUARY 04: Jordan Richards /

The Philadelphia Eagles ignore the rain and cold weather and head back to work.

April 15th came and went, and while most of you were putting the finishing touches on your tax returns, fans of the Philadelphia Eagles were celebrating another week of being the champions of the football universe.

This past Sunday marked the ten-week anniversary of Philly’s first Super Bowl win. The arrival of the following Monday means there are ten more days until the 2018 NFL Draft begins. It also meant it was time for the Eagles to return to the Novacare Complex.

The champs are getting ready to defend their crown.

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The time for celebrating is over. Well, who are we kidding? That’s going to be impossible, so let’s try this another way. The Eagles are going to have to try and forget the jubilation of winning a title and try to go about business in 2018 like none of that happened. Maybe it will be easier for the team than it will be for the fans.

First thing’s first though. The Eagles, even before the draft, have to begin their offseason workout program, and shortly before lunchtime on the east coast, ‘The Birds’ began funneling in to the Novacare Complex.

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Check out some of the tweets:

Some of the guys were captured by the official team website.

One very special running back, no longer a rookie, chimed in as well.

Thank goodness, football is back.

As we mentioned a day or so ago, this portion is voluntary. No one’s expecting that many absences, outside of defensive end Michael Bennett of course. There won’t be any on-field activity (that’s a league-wide rule). This is merely strength and conditioning work.

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Still, if you’re like many, the NBA Playoffs aren’t doing the trick. Sure, they’ve been interesting, but it isn’t football. It’s good to see ‘The Birds’ are back.