Carson Wentz and Nick Foles expected to split first team reps this summer

With Carson Wentz still recovering from his ACL injury and summer practices quickly approaching, Doug Pederson and the Eagles have decided to split first team reps between QB1 and the backup quarterback, Nick Foles.

As Carson Wentz continues to recover and with the possibility of him starting week one against the Atlanta Falcons on the line, the Philadelphia Eagles‘ are ready to see if he can pick up where he left off. The road to recovery wasn’t expected to be easy, and it hasn’t been. We have, however, seen good news come out of the Novacare Complex.

Wentz is moving well, and he is throwing again. He still has a ways to go though. The question remains. Will he be 100 percent when the season opener rolls around?

The clock is ticking.

The Eagles know this question won’t be answered until week one. If Wentz isn’t ready, the team wants to make sure the offense is. They’re preparing for the possibility of Wentz not being cleared to play.

Doug Pederson has already gone on record saying that the Philadelphia Eagles will be splitting reps between the two quarterbacks this summer.

Well, I think as Carson gets stronger and we’re able to give him more reps as we go, particularly in training camp, seven-on-sevens, things like that, we can continue to — go back to my first year where we were trying to get all three guys equal amount of reps going through the first couple weeks of training camp. It’s going to be maybe the same type of thing where Nick and Carson are working with the ones, working with the starters. We’re not losing a lot of that valuable time.

Wentz is still the guy.

As you know, Wentz, Philly’s first-string quarterback, suffered an ACL and MCL injury towards the end of the 2017 regular season during a game against the Los Angeles Rams. His injury sidelined him for the remainder of the regular season and the entire postseason.

Wentz went from being the face of Philadelphia football and the leader of the Eagles’ offense to an onlooker pacing the sidelines. He was forced to switch roles with his backup and take on a new role as he served as a mentor and sounding board to backup quarterback Nick Foles.

He watched as Foles and his other teammates led the Birds to their first Super Bowl victory in franchise history.

Wentz is ready to take over again as the leader on offense. The team is ready for that to happen as well. He’s still the starter. That’s clear, but it may take some time before that happens.

Until he is fully recovered, Foles will need to be the guy.

In Foles we trust.

‘Saint Nick’ is confident in his abilities, and he’ll be ready if his number is called. The Eagles know that Foles may need to start in place of Wentz when game one versus the Falcons arrives. If that is the case, Coach Pederson, the team and every other football fan on the planet knows he’s up for the job.

Foles has already proven that he can be a starter in the NFL and can lead the Eagles to success. His stats are evidence of that. He threw for 971 yards and six touchdowns in the regular and postseason combined. Those stats helped lead the team to a championship. Eagles fans fully trust him. So does his team. The rest of the league found out, if his number is called, he will answer.

Whether Foles or Wentz are named starter for week one,  the Philadelphia Eagles will be prepared and ready to march through the regular season.