Philadelphia Eagles: Ranking 4 of Howie Roseman’s recent roster blunders

Howie Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Howie Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /
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Remember when Philadelphia, just two years ago, seemingly was one of those spots free agents and disgruntled players wanted to go to? Well to the organization’s credit, guys still want to come here, but when you think about things in that context, you have to wonder why it is that the G.M. can’t seem to get them here.

Here’s what makes matters so much worse. The teams that are actually signing them aren’t giving up a ton to land these guys.

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Think back to DeAndre Hopkins and whatever that was with the Houston Texans. Bill O’Brien basically gave one of the game’s top five receivers up for a glass of milk and a pimento cheese sandwich. Okay, we know that’s an exaggeration. The deal looked like this. Houston got a running back, David Johnson, a 2020 second-round pick, and a 2021 fourth-round pick while giving up Hopkins and a 2020 fourth-round selection.

Philly couldn’t have done that? They couldn’t have given up second-round selection and a fourth-round selection? Hopkins couldn’t have helped this team win? What about Yannick Ngakoue’s recent move to the Minnesota Vikings? Philly couldn’t have given up a second-round selection and a conditional fifth-round pick that might wind up being a third-rounder?

If Philly’s goal is to win right now, they’re not showing it. Maybe Howie has lost his touch. Who knows? Still, every time there’s a game-changing talent that teams are negotiating for, it always seems like Philly’s somewhere they wouldn’t mind being. It always seems like the ‘Birds’ are at the negotiating table, and it always seems like Philly can’t close the deal. You can even throw Jamal Adams in there if too you like. That’s on Howie.

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It seems amazing that Philly could have landed Jamal Adams, Ngakoue, Hopkins, and before that, the likes of Jalen Ramsey and Jadeveon Clowney. It seems equally amazing, if not more so, that they didn’t land any of them.