5 Roster adjustments Philadelphia Eagles can still make to fix things

Howie Roseman, Doug Pederson, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Howie Roseman, Doug Pederson, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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Well, the Philadelphia Eagles benched Randall and Donovan.

Jason Peters, for the most part, has been a fan favorite. Carson Wentz, on the other hand, has been the subject of debate since 2018. Regardless of what side of the argument you roll with, you can’t deny he had an important role in the team’s 2017 Super Bowl season and he played exceptionally well in 2019 despite having less-than-stellar weapons.

Wentz has had his issues, but his positive traits as an NFL quarterback had always outweighed the negatives, at least until this season. There are many reasons for the regression. Some of it falls on head coach Doug Pederson’s playcalling and the fact that quarterbacks coach Press Taylor needs to be held accountable. Another factor that could be affecting Wentz is that once again, despite the changes, his wide receivers are lacking.

Sure, Wentz also deserves some of the blame for the Eagles’ 0-2-1 start this season. He’s thrown six interceptions in just three games and seems to have taken a step back in his development. Things are getting worse by the week and the team should strongly consider benching him in favor of rookie Jalen Hurts.

We aren’t suggesting Wentz is done as the Eagles franchise quarterback. Instead, we are suggesting they try something to light a fire under him, refocus him, and send a message. They did the same for Randall Cunningham and Donovan McNabb on occasion. What’s the worst that can happen? Wentz gets the message and we see what Jalen Hurts has?

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Then again, if Hurts plays well, Carson Wentz may not get his job back for a while. This one needs to be thought about. Wentz’s benching could be an incentive to play better, but who’s to say Jalen Hurts wouldn’t shine in the starter’s role? ’11’ sure hasn’t. There’s nothing wrong with trying to find a spark if that can help put a game in the win column.