Redrafting every Philadelphia Eagles pick from their 2020 NFL Draft

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Philadelphia Eagles original pick (53) – QB Jalen Hurts (Oklahoma)

It’s been seven months, and the decision to take Jalen Hurts in the second round of the most recent NFL Draft still doesn’t make any sense. The Eagles have used him primarily as a gadget player, but opposing defenses are aware that whenever he steps on the field, the play will likely be a run. In 31 snaps, he has only thrown the ball twice.

Hurts is a talented prospect, but he has no business being on the Eagles roster in his current role. Maybe the front office foresaw Wentz’s struggles and wanted an insurance pick. Whatever the case, the Eagles have whiffed on their second-round selection.

This isn’t a knock on Hurts. It’s a knock on the Eagles’ front office. With tons of talent available in the second and third rounds, the Eagles elected to essentially throw the pick away. It’s evidence of their inability to draft well these past few years.

Philadelphia Eagles redraft pick (53) – S Jeremy Chinn (Southern Illinois)

Jeremy Chinn is more than his label as a ‘safety’ may indicate. Standing at six-foot-three inches and weighing in at 220 pounds, Chinn has the physicality to play in the box as a linebacker and the coverage ability to drop back in a zone.

He has already recorded 74 total tackles in ten games played which ranks him first amongst rookies. This, coupled with his tremendous versatility, has made him a legitimate contender for the defensive rookie of the year award.

Jim Schwartz pushed for the Eagles to select Chinn in the second round at pick 53. Chinn would fit perfectly in Schwartz’s scheme and would have played in Malcolm Jenkins’ old role, but, in classic Howie Roseman fashion, instead of taking the player that fit the defensive scheme and filled a hole in the roster, the Eagles’ vice president and general manager decided to use his power to select a backup quarterback who struggles to see the field. There’s a real power struggle happening in Philadelphia.