4 Philadelphia Eagles whose stock should be sold immediately

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Derek Barnett, Philadelphia Eagles
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Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Derek Barnett

At this point, you have to just back away from the desk, toss the cell phone on the couch, or crumble up that piece of paper with the game plan on it, and toss it at the nearest wastebasket. There’s no logical or reasonable explanation for why the Philadelphia Eagles continue to place the amount of faith in Derek Barnett that they do.

He’s not that good. He’s never delivered on the potential that he’s been billed as having.

Here’s something to think about though. If that was all there was, we could probably give him a pass. Maybe we could say that he just needs more coaching and patience, but when you factor in the ridiculous amount of personal foul penalties that have, honestly, become a part of his narrative, it’s hard not to ask one’s self if Derek Barnett’s only value lies in being a potential trade piece.

Still, for whatever reason, and despite the fact that Josh Sweat was just given an extension (and Barnett wasn’t), Derek continues to be the guy that’s on the field gobbling up playing time. So far, he’s been on the field for 77 defensive snaps, 44% of the team’s total in Week 1 and 64% of the team’s total in Week 2. The result? He’s added six total tackles and zero sacks to his NFL resume.

That isn’t what you’d expect from a guy that was taken with the 14th-overall selection in 2017. You do know that he’s making over $10 million this season, don’t you?