Zach Ertz’s best moments as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles

Zach Ertz #86, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Zach Ertz #86, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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Zach Ertz #86, Philadelphia Eagles
Zach Ertz #86, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) /

3. Zach Ertz helps keep the Philadelphia Eagles’ playoff hopes alive.

Some things seem ordinary when they happen and turn out to be bigger than we thought they’d be later. Often, it’s easy to think about recording artists that finally drop that breakthrough record. Do you ever wonder if they knew they had something when they left the studio?

Nirvana had to know they had created a classic when they finished Nevermind, right? That one was obvious, but what about The Temptations and their rendition of Silent Night?

It was a nice song on their Christmas album, The Temptations Christmas Card. Actually, it was one of ten songs. There was no way they could have known we’d be listening to that every time Christmas rolls around though.

There are times when the NFL also has the moments where we know we’ll always remember what we were doing when those events occur. Think back to December of 2019. The Eagles had to win out to reach the postseason. Remember that? Sure you do! That’s one of those times when we knew we had seen something magical.

In the first game of what became a four-game winning streak, Ertz came through with the heroics. 86 caught nine catches for 91 yards and two touchdowns versus the hated New York Giants to put the exclamation point on an Eagles come-from-behind win.

That includes the touchdown catch to send the game to overtime and another in the extra frame that gave the Birds a walk-off victory to keep Philly’s playoff hopes alive.