Recent Panthers yard sale produces zero fireworks for the Eagles

Miles Sanders, #26, Philadelphia Eagles(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Miles Sanders, #26, Philadelphia Eagles(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) /

As expected, a change in the Carolina Panthers’ coaching ranks resulted in the organization hosting its version of a fire sale. We thought that there was a possibility of the Philadelphia Eagles getting involved. So far, only one of Carolina’s players that we thought Howie Roseman might see as being interesting is off of our recent shopping list, so there’s a possibility that they might still be.

Carolina traded Robbie Anderson to the Arizona Cardinals. Christian McCaffrey wound up in the Bay Area with the San Francisco 49ers. The Panthers are obviously looking to sell, but is there something left for the Eagles to buy?

Every NFL trade deadline brings rumor and excitement, even though normally nothing happens. Having guys like Brian Burns on the roster means Carolina might still be among the centers of attention. They’re at the bottom of the NFL’s ranks with a record of 1-5, and they have been very public about their desire to get shed some of their larger contracts.

Here are a few other options if Howie Roseman wants to bolster the Eagles’ roster.

As mentioned earlier, the Panthers have already dealt wide receiver Robbie Anderson to the Arizona Cardinals for a 2024 sixth-round draft pick and a 2025 seventh-round draft pick. They landed second, third, and fourth-round draft choices in 2023’s NFL Draft and a fifth-round pick in the 2024 selection meeting by shipping Christian McCaffrey off to the Niners.

So, what’s next? As always, questions abound about whether or not the Eagles will be aggressive at the deadline and, if so, if they’ll target someone like Burns.

Carolina’s star edge rusher will no doubt command a steep asking price, potentially multiple first-rounders. If Howie finds himself in the market for talent, he may or may not deal one of those first-rounders, but you can’t rule it out.

There are also guys like cornerback Donte Jackson and linebacker Shaq Thompson. That could be unlikely as well. Both have a cap hit of over $10 million for 2023. They’d also need new deals as both would be in contract seasons next year.

According to Over The Cap, the Eagles currently have the third most cap space in the NFL. They also state the Eagles are $16.5 million under the cap for 2023.

Jackson and Thompson have 2022 cap hits of $6.1 million and $13.1 million respectively. Knowing that teams have to carve out new deals for these two means Carolina might be willing to hear offers (ad the interested party gets them at a deal).

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No one expects Howie to make a move just for the sake of making one, but that doesn’t mean Roseman is out of the trade market completely. There will be plenty of options on the block, players looking for a new home, and Roseman may be capable of getting them to Philly inexpensively.

Don’t be shocked if the Eagles’ general manager has one more trick up his sleeve. In the end, this could all be about nothing. Then again, we could be surprised again.