4 Eagles who were the hammer in Week 14, four who were nails

It was a rough affair in Arlington. Let's talk about some of the individual performances we saw from our Philadelphia Eagles.
Jalen Carter, Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Carter, Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Nail: Brian Johnson, offensive coordinator

At this point, there's some concern as to whether or not promoting Brian Johnson was the right move. Some of you have had that concern long before now. We get it. We understand. This offense has too many playmakers to be as stagnant as it is.

Something has to change in a hurry.

Nail: Sean Desai, defensive coordinator

Maybe we need to give him some grace for constantly having to juggle bodies. Maybe Sean Desai's defense is simplistic. Maybe both of those statements are accurate.

We aren't feeling the violence that we were promised. We aren't feeling this defense through the television as the Eagles' DC promised we would. These past two weeks, versus two opposing offenses that entered their game versus Philly on fire, Desai's unit has been run over.

Time is ticking. A hot start has led to a losing streak, and the defense is largely to blame.

Keep an eye on: Jalen Carter

Our favorite rookie has hit a bit of a wall. It happens. He has played a lot. Maybe the Birds have relied on him too much, but the Jalen Carter we saw at the beginning of the season is not the Jalen Carter we are seeing now.

The 'scoop and score' was impressive. He's still our pick for Defensive Rookie of the Year, but Carter needs some help, and outside of Fletcher Cox, he hasn't been getting a ton.

Four games remain. All four are winnable, and despite how bad it's been as of late, as we stated earlier, we expect the Birds to run the table.

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