5 Eagles besides James Bradberry who didn't live up to expectations in 2023

We didn't get the season from James Bradberry that we expected, but there are plenty of other Eagles we can state the same thing about.
James Bradberry, Philadelphia Eagles
James Bradberry, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Sean Desai, defensive coordinator

Truthfully, we weren't certain of what we expected when Sean Desai met with select members of the Philly media for the first time. We can, however, promise you no one thought he'd be stripped of play-calling duties before season's end.

We were promised violence that never came. We were told we'd feel the Eagles' defense through our televisions. That may have been true. We just expected another type of feeling and one that didn't feel like nausea and sickness.

Nick Sirianni, head coach

Throughout much of last season, we found ourselves debating with everyone from media personalities to the players of rival teams. Is Nick Sirianni a great head coach, or is he simply benefiting from the fruits of leading one of the most talented rosters a team can field?

Sadly, the latter statement might be the most accurate. Based on the evidence that has been laid out in front of us on big stages and as of late, Nick may be in over his head.

He's constantly shown up by better coaches. His offense is unimaginative. We aren't even certain of whether or not he has the full support of his locker room. Here's the worst part about all of this.

When injuries have become a concern and Nick has to rely on his ability to coach his team through tough times to victory, he has shown an inability to do so. We saw what happened versus the New York Giants in the regular-season finale, and friends, the results weren't pretty.