7 teams Eagles must outbid for Justin Simmons as free agency heats up

Everyone has their theories on where Justin Simmons might land. Here are a handful of teams the Eagles may need to outbid if Philly does indeed have interest.

Justin Simmons, Philadelphia Eagles news
Justin Simmons, Philadelphia Eagles news / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Legal tampering begins on Monday, March 11th. No one will ever confuse that with the Christmas holiday, but if you're a football junkie, it's close. The NFL Scouting Combine gave gridiron lovers a gift. Free agency and the new league year give fans another. It's time to begin some serious discussions about the Philadelphia Eagles offseason.

Have you heard? There's already a list of exceptional impending free agents with ties to new Eagles defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, but the Denver Broncos added another into the mix. They released Justin Simmons this past Thursday.

Most see the Eagles as a potential landing spot because of the previous working relationship he and Fangio shared when Vic served as Broncos head coach (2019-2021). Would Philly invest significant cap space into a safety though? That's the million-dollar question (pun intended). Here's a list of other franchises the Birds might have to outbid to land him.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts always seem to need something. The days of Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck are long gone, and the current version of this team will definitely need help in the secondary.

Henry Black and Julian Blackmon are both set to enter free agency. While Blackmon is more of a strong safety, Simmons' addition would help soften the blow of losing both. Anthony Richardson is heading into only the second year of his rookie deal. That provides a Colts team needing edge rushers, interior defensive linemen, and secondary help an opportunity to pursue other pieces.

Here's a list of other teams that may stand in the way of Philly adding Simmons.