5 unsettling truths the Eagles can no longer ignore following their loss to Cardinals

Jonathan Gannon, Philadelphia Eagles vs Cardinals
Jonathan Gannon, Philadelphia Eagles vs Cardinals / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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The Eagles aren't getting enough from their young players, and honestly, that isn't the fault of the players.

Chalk this one up to coaching. The guys that excel on this roster do so because they're good. They aren't being taken to new levels by the guys who should be leading them. The young guys who aren't producing what we'd like may not be the problem.

Maybe the problem isn't Quez Watkins, Nolan Smith, and James Bradberry. Maybe it's Aaron Moorehead, D.J. Eliot, and D.K. McDonald that need discussing. There definitely needs to be a discussion about Brian Johnson, Matt Patricia, and Sean Desai.

We trust Jeff Stoutland. We trust Tracy Rocker for the most part, but that's about it. The roster has talent. If they don't produce, we have discuss coaching, right?