5 unsettling truths the Eagles can no longer ignore following their loss to Cardinals

Jonathan Gannon, Philadelphia Eagles vs Cardinals
Jonathan Gannon, Philadelphia Eagles vs Cardinals / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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This team was never as good as the 10-1 record suggested (or, maybe there's a supreme loss of confidence).

NFL teams don't accidentally wake up and realize they have won ten of their first 11 games. Truth be told, as bad as it has been, Philly has earned every win. They also, unfortunately, have earned all of their losses.

We saw them knuckle up and beat teams like the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs. The Eagles once dominated power rankings. Jalen Hurts was once an MVP candidate. That didn't happen by mistake.

That team and those players have to be in this bunch somewhere, so who or what do we blame if we aren't seeing the fire? The coordinators? Maybe a lack of confidence?

Maybe our favorite team no longer believes in the message. We aren't saying that's the case, but we are saying it's possible. If we're right, there's only one explanation.