Beloved legend extends friendship to the final piece of 2024 Eagles draft class

Dylan McMahon is attending his first Eagles minicamp, one they're holding for the rookies. It appears he has already made a friend.
Dylan McMahon, Philadelphia Eagles news
Dylan McMahon, Philadelphia Eagles news / Lance King/GettyImages

Following every NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles and each of the other 31 franchises are allowed to host rookie minicamps. They begin during one of the following two weekends. The Birds elected to host theirs on May 3rd and 4th. We never learn much from these, but they're always relatively interesting.

There's no contact permitted, but guys can meet their position coaches. That's pretty cool. Jersey numbers are revealed. That's pretty cool too.

On Friday, Philly did us a solid. Some members of their 2024 class still hadn't spoken with the media at the NovaCare Complex yet. All were made available. The hope is they'll give us something intriguing to talk about. They all did, including the last player Philly took in Round 6.

Jason Kelce offers his hand to Dylan McMahon in friendship.

Every crop of rookies brings hope. Philly's nine-man 2024 draft class is no exception. The Birds added elite prospects and versatile players on both sides of the ball.

Dylan McMahon is who we're most unfamiliar with. We won't lie. We didn't watch much NC State football these past three seasons, but he's in a good situation.

He'll be tutored by the game's top offensive line coach. He seems to have already made a friend.

Those were McMahon's thoughts about meeting Jason Kelce. He had walked into the weight room, and the G.O.A.T. was working out with Howie Roseman. A friendship was created. Hopefully, it benefits McMahon for as long as he keeps playing.

The rookie also mentioned that Jason gave him his phone number and he didn't want to bother the legend too often. We get it. After all, Kelce has a new TV gig to think about. It's still nice to know he has the option though.

The more we think about it, these young Eagles are in a good situation. Each one has elite players, stars, and coaches to learn from.

Jalyx Hunt can look up to Brandon Graham and Bryce Huff. Cooper DeJean and Quinyon Mitchell have Darius Slay and others. Will Shipley gets to hang out with Saquon Barkley. Talk about being in some nice situations.

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