Don't rule out Haason Reddick's return to the Eagles in 2024

Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles
Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Nothing is over until it is. Guys aren't signed until the pen meets the paper. Players don't leave until they've been traded, take a physical, and sign their contract. A portion of the Philadelphia Eagles fan base has been running Haason Reddick out of town for weeks. Days pass. Nothing changes, and frankly, that ought to be getting your attention.

We've been discussing Philly's perceived interest in moving on since February. The additions of Julian Okwara and Bryce Huff added fuel to the fire. Josh Sweat's contract reconstruction seemed like a final nail in the coffin.

It seemed like everyone was getting paid except for Number 7. If he wasn't unhappy before, he must be now, right? Here's the thing. Nothing has happened. Philly never moved him officially though we thought moving his $1 million roster bonus from March 15th to April 1st was another indication they would.

Here we sit. March trickles away, and there's another theory. What if he stays?

Haason Reddick's exit from the Eagles organization may not be the foregone conclusion we thought it was.

Well, we've all said there's no guarantee that Haason Reddick is leaving, but then again, we figured he might. But, what's taking so long? More theories are beginning to float. JAKIB Sports mainstay and longtime Eagles insider Derrick Gunn has a theory. Inside The Birds reporter and 97.5 The Fanatic contributor Andrew DiCecco offers another.

Okay, the clock is ticking. If the plan was indeed to move Reddick's roster bonus to buy the Birds time to move on, time is wearing thin. Reddick wouldn't possibly return for another season, would he? He won't be happy if he does and plays under his current deal.

Some of us are hopeful that he stays We understand why others disagree. No one knows what's coming, not even the Eagles or Haason Reddick. It feels, however, like the league is waiting on a release.

If that doesn't happen, Philly will retain one of their best players from the past two seasons, but then we have to ask about his temperament. This doesn't seem like an ingredient necessary for a positive locker room minus distractions.

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