Eagles fans may want to place a Netflix subscription on the Christmas wish lists

Based on what we have seen in recent years, we may not want to rule out the possibility of seeing the Eagles play on Netflix for Christmas.
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles / Hunter Martin/GettyImages

How's that offseason going? The Phillies are pretty good. There's something to hang your hat on seeing as how the 76ers are not, but come on. This is the City of Brotherly Love. Though the sports history is a rich one, in all of the major sports, nothing compares to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Come on... This is a football-first city correct?

Here we sit, addicted to this monster that is the NFL. The draft gave us new Eagles to talk about. So did the UDFA class and the rookie minicamp that followed, but we can't get enough football in our system. Every stop on the offseason calendar and every update raises the temperature or blood pressure (or both). Have you heard? The NFL's 2024 schedule release is coming.

Don't look now, but we may be in store for another Christmas Day miracle.

Netflix appears to be the destination of two Christmas Day NFL games. Might the Philadelphia Eagles be involved?

Here's what we have learned in recent years. The NFL doesn't care about your family's monthly budget.

If you intended to watch every game last season, subscriptions to YouTube (NFL Sunday Ticket), Amazon Prime Video (Thursday Night Football), and Peacock (last year's AFC Wild Card Game featuring the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans) were needed to do so. As we venture toward the 2024 season. we may also need to subscribe to Netflix.

According to a bevy of sources, two of which being Puck News, and Boomer Esiason, who announced the same update less than 36 hours on his radio show. Netflix is currently in negotiations (and the front-runner) to exclusively stream the NFL's reported pair of Christmas games this year. The holiday falls on a Wednesday, but league offices have already announced two games will be played on December 25th.

Though this next statement hasn't been reported, we won't rule out the possibility of Philly being featured in one of those games. They played versus the New York Giants on Christmas last season, and the year prior they faced the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington on Christmas Eve.

Philly has also played on Christmas two other times during their history. There was 2017's 19-10 win over what was still the Oakland Raiders at that time, and there was the 23-7 thrashing of the Cowboys, one led by Jeff Garcia. That one took place versus Bill Parcells' Cowboys on December 25th, 2006.

Again... We aren't ruling out another Eagles appearance this year. That would be a nice gift under the tree.

We won't have to wait long to see if our guesses are accurate. The expected release of the 2024 NFL schedule is believed to be scheduled for Wednesday, May 15th at 8 p.m. EST.

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