Eagles have one option if they want to coax Jason Kelce out of retirement

This one may not work out for Jason, but something tells us he'll be okay anyway.
Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles
Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Call us crazy, but there are days when it feels like we have seen Jason Kelce more since he retired from the Philadelphia Eagles than we did when he was playing. No, we're serious. Once he and Lane Johnson showed up at WrestleMania in luchador masks, we gave up. 'The game has changed.' That's what we told ourselves, and you know what? It damn sure has!

Don't get us wrong. This is 'Kelce TV 24-7' around these parts. Anything this guys does, we're tuning in, whether we're talking about an episode of New Heights or anything else he involves himself in. Truthfully, we're normally tuning into NFL Network to watch the Monday Night Football pregame stuff. This year, we're thinking of finally turning the dial to ESPN.

Why? It's simple. They added the G.O.A.T. to the broadcast.

Jason is settling into retirement nicely, but occasionally, he gets the verbal recruitment letter from Saquon Barkley and the like. We know he misses the game, but he has long made up his mind about giving the game up. When we hear him talk about the long-term effects of a 13-year career, we're positive he made the right decision for himself.

Fear not Philly. If your still hoping he returns, there may be one option though said option won't involve him suiting up on gameday.

Jason Kelce playfully makes his pitch to return to the Eagles... as part of the ownership group.

“Listen, I’ll back out of the TV deal right now if you tell me I could own the Philadelphia Eagles," Those were the words of our beloved G.O.A.T., words uttered during the most recent airing of his and his brother's highly popular podcast. Fast forward to the 51:30 mark if you'd like to hear the audio.

Jason's kidding of course. Plus, his brother jokingly tried to talk him out of his idea. “What? No way! Come on. Are you kidding me? To be an owner? That’s like another level.”

Something tells us Jason Kelce has nothing to worry about. He has made a few coins while playing football. His and his brother Travis Kelce's New Heights podcast is a huge hit. There's also the aforementioned TV deal. You may have also heard. He's kind of one of Philly's adopted sons

Jason's legacy is set. He's a future Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, one who will never have to pay for a beer or a meal in the City of Brotherly Love again. Everyone loves him. Heck, we love him. Something tells us he might want to settle into that promising new TV career though, for a little while.

We'll see what happens down the road. He's got a good gig though. With all of his talent, something tells us he'll be okay anyway.

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