Eagles officially announce Noah Togiai's release and make room for four rookies

It's official! Four Eagles rookies put pen to paper. Philly says goodbye to Noah Togiai though.
Jalyx Hunt, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalyx Hunt, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

It may be a tad quieter at the NovaCare Complex than usual. That doesn't mean the Philadelphia Eagles aren't working though. As a matter of fact, the opposite is true. A second Monday in the month of May came. Four of the new guys are officially minted and Birds.

Guess what? We have news to report on a Monday.

The Eagles officially announce the signings of four rookies. Another prospect leaves to make room.

It's been a busy offseason. Philly added to the nest with the acquisition of several free agents. Many pass the eyeball test. Then came the 2024 NFL Draft. The Birds aced that by adding nine more members to the family. Then came the announcement of UDFA additions. Shon Stephens' addition came later.

Stephens was offered a chance to stick around following a successful rookie minicamp tryout. He and three of the Eagles' 2024 draftees (Jalyx Hunt, Will Shipley, and Ainias Smith) put pen to paper to officially ink their rookie deals on May 13th. To celebrate, Philly shared a few smiling faces on social media. Check out the smiling faces of Hunt, Shipley, and Smith.

The Birds and every other NFL franchise can carry 90 prospects through the preseason. To help make room for some of the new guys, Philly also announced Noah Togiai's release. He may be back at some point. Don't rule it out. When in a pinch, the Birds, more often than not, will call guys they're familiar with first.

Five of Philly's nine draftees have been signed. Laekin Vakalahi occupies a spot on the roster but as a roster exemption as he joined the nest thanks to pro football's international program.

Before the announcement of Hunt, Shipley, and Smith signing their deals, Philly also reported they had also signed Johnny Wilson and Trevor Keegan. That means that, at the time of this story's release, Quinyon Mitchell, Cooper DeJean, Jeremiah Trotter Jr, and Dylan McMahon are the only four draftees Philly has to sign officially.

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