Eagles reportedly plan to keep one of the NFL's top positional tandems intact

With DeVonta Smith locked in for a few more seasons, Philly is reportedly looking to also lock up A.J. Brown.
Philadelphia Eagles
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Here's a crazy question, one we're certain you have asked yourselves a time or two. Where in the hell were A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith when Donovan McNabb was slinging the rosk around for the Philadelphia Eagles? Before we go any further, that question isn't to be taken seriously. We know how you guys get.

There's no need to email us an explanation of the dynamic of Philly's wide receiver duo being too young to play in the NFL at that time. We assure you we're well aware of that. And, it isn't like 5 didn't get some help from time to time (DeSean Jackson, Terrell Owens, Jeremy Maclin). It does make you wonder though, right? What if? ...

The point we're making is this. A.J. and DeVonta have been phenoemenal. They'd work in any era of Eagles football. Heck, they may have taken Randall Cunningham's game to another level. Another season nears, Smitty recently got paid which begged a pair of questions. What are the potential ripple effects, and what might that mean for Number 11?

The Eagles are reportedly interested in extending A.J. Brown, which would ensure the NFL's best WR tandem stays together.

What's that? How can we call A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith the game's best wide receiver tandem and do so confidently? It's simple actually. The reason is because they are.

And, yes... We realize there are duos like Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle (Miami Dolphins), Puka Nacua and Cooper Kupp (Los Angeles Rams), and Ja'Marr Chase and Tee Higgins (Cincinnati Bengals). We knew that when we made the statement. We're still rocking with the guys in Philly.

While we'd be foolish to take anything from any of those guys, we looked at everything from ability, to production, to durability. Maybe we're biased or emotional, but we wouldn't trade A.J. or DeVonta for another tandem.

Since we're here, we can revisit a question we asked when the Birds exercised DeVonta's fifth-year option and tacked on a three-year extension. How will that affect their handling of A.J. Brown? He too will need an extension before long.

Longtime Eagles insider Howard Eskin offered an answer to that question recently. He told Joe DeCamera and Jon Ritchie on 94 WIP-FM's Morning Show that the Birds "have begun preliminary" discussions with A.J. Brown and his agent about a contract extension."

Most would support the theory. We certainly do. Since Philly traded for Brown during the 2022 offseason, he has been worth the price of admission while playing his way onto two Pro Bowl rosters.

He has stacked 194 receptions during 34 regular-season games. 2,952 receiving yards and 18 TDs have been the results. He has also hauled in another 13 receptions in three career postseason games. Add another 146 receiving yards and a beautiful TD catch in a Super Bowl to his resume when you revisit those games.

A.J. remains one of the game's best at his position. The same can be said for DeVonta. We can argue over where they rank versus other tandems and how they would have fit in on previous Eagles rosters, but here's where we'll leave this for now.

They're bond is unbreakable. They're tremendously close off of the playing field. Their chemistry is undeniable when they step between the hashmarks. Will that be enough to ensure A.J. receives an extension to keep them on the same roster? Time will tell. Many are hopeful (Philly included), but there's a reason to be hopeful. This is clearly a real discussion.

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