Fastest 40 times among potential Eagles EDGE and linebacker prospects at NFL Combine

Potential Eagles defensive prospects showed up at showed out at the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine.

Payton Wilson, Philadelphia Eagles draft news
Payton Wilson, Philadelphia Eagles draft news / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, the NCAA's best and brightest descend on Indianapolis to be a part of the NFL's largest job fair. You've heard of it, the NFL Scouting Combine. Our Philadelphia Eagles are in attendance. Vice President/General Manager Howie Roseman spoke with the media for a few minutes. Once that discussion wrapped, head coach Nick Sirianni did the same.

It's the on-field workouts that grab us. Sure, Philly meets with young prospects. This time around, they even chatted with the son of a franchise legend. Still, it's always cool to see these guys attack their drills.

We may not remember every detail, but we remember 40-yard dash times forever. Let's get into it.

Here are the fastest 40-yard dash times recorded by potential Eagles prospects at edge rusher/outside linebacker and along the defensive line.

Fastest 40 times among EDGE/linebacker prospects

We joke around about how Philly's GM has shown a consistent negligence in addressing his team's needs at linebacker. Well.. Maybe it isn't a joke if we keep seeing evidence of the statement's accuracy.

Oh well... Here's the good news. The Eagles have a wealth of options at the position if they draft one during the coming NFL Draft. Some diamonds can be uncovered on all three days. They can run too! Here are the fastest 40-yard dash times from the linebackers and future NFL edge rushers.

Player & rank

Player's position & school

40 time

1. Payton Wilson

LB, NC State


2. Dallas Turner

EDGE, Alabama


3. Kalen DeLoach

LB, Florida State


4. Chop Robinson

EDGE, Penn State


5. Edgerrin Cooper

LB, Texas A7M


5. Tevin Wallace

LB, Kentucky


7. Jordan Magee

LB, Temple


8. Edefuan Ulofoshio

LB, Washington


9. Mohamed Kamara

EDGE, Colorado


9. Curtis Jacobs

LB, Penn State


Fastest 40 times among defensive linemen.

It's always fun to see how freakishly athletic defensive linemen have become. Talk about evolution, huh?

While arguments can be made that something is seriously wrong with a team's defensive scheme if defensive linemen have to run 40 yards downfield, this is still the highlight of every NFL Combine. Here are the top 40 times from the big guys.

Player & rank

Player's position & school

40 time

1. Dallas Turner

DE/OLB, Alabama


2. Chop Robinson

DE/OLB, Penn State


3. Mohamed Kamara

DE, Colorado State


4. Jared Verse

DE, Florida State


5. Chris Braswell

DE, Alabama


6. Xavier Thomas

DE, Clemson


7. Cedric Johnson

DE, Ole Miss


8. Jalyx Hunt

DE, Houston Christian


8. Laiatu Latu



10. Javontae Jean-Baptiste

DE, Notre Dame


We've stated this before. It bears repeating. Explosive 40-yard dash times, though wildly entertaining and intriguing do not guarantee successful NFL careers. If the Eagles visit Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and Bijan Robinson finds his way to the edge and cuts upfield, it's nice to know your guys can run him down.

Again, let's hope those scenarios don't play themselves out too often. If we keep seeing linebackers and D-linemen in pursuit 40 yards downfield, something has gone off the rails with Vic Fangio's defense.

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