Fever dream scenarios involving the Eagles during their 2023 NFL campaign

We have a lot of high hopes for the Eagles' 2023 season. Let's take a look at some of the highest (and most unhinged).
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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Nick Sirianni will keep his post-bye week win streak as Eagles head coach alive while placing a blemish on Andy Reid's record.

By now, everyone is aware that the Eagles are playing the Kansas Chiefs in Week 11 (or at least they should be). This one follows a bye week for both teams. No one needs to be told how successful Andy Reid has been following bye weeks during his career. He has been a chainsaw killer. What you may be unaware of is Nick Sirianni is on a crime spree of his own. Sure, one guy has been a head coach much longer than the other, but the success of both men is worth noting.

Listen, this is obviously going to be billed as a Super Bowl rematch It isn't. The stakes won't be nearly as high, but the game is important. This is the Eagles’ opportunity to prove that they sit atop the NFL. Expect to hear a lot about turf and the NFL's recent attempt to gaslight its players.

If Nick takes down Andy, he’ll have the right to the throne for now. He’ll become the ‘King of the Game After the Bye in the Regular Season.’ The 'KotGAtBitRS' for short. It won't be easy. Andy Reid hasn't lost to the Eagles as a head coach since leaving. but if we’re thinking of dream scenarios, it doesn't get much bigger than hanging a loss on Big Red's ledger.