Former Eagles LB Alex Singleton shares a wonderful take on perseverance

Alex Singleton's family wouldn't let him give up on his dream, and that kept him from giving up on himself.
Alex Singleton, Philadelphia Eagles news
Alex Singleton, Philadelphia Eagles news / Candice Ward/GettyImages

We may be alone in this, but we think about Alex Singleton more than we let on. Maybe that's because the Philadelphia Eagles are so criminally negligent in their search for decent linebacker talent year in and year out. Maybe we get attached when Philly actually finds ones and we hope they do all that they can to hang on. They never do. Jordan Hicks... T.J. Edwards... So, there's really no reason to believe Alex would have been treated differently.

Maybe we miss Alex for another reason. It was pretty damn cool to be able to pound the table and say our squad actually found someone in the CFL that could actually play and signed him. Come on... 257 tackles in two seasons? And, who can forget that interception in primetime on Sunday Night Football versus the San Francisco 49ers?

Recently, our FanSided family caught up with the ex-Eagle and Vince Egan. He's a member of the Denver Broncos now, but we couldn't help but have flashbacks.

Alex Singleton shares some of his journey, one that led him from the CFL to the Eagles

FanSided has been hanging out in Las Vegas all week. We've talked to some pretty cool dudes, like Fletcher Cox. We've found out that divisional rivals have the same idols we do. We even discovered New York Jets star Quincy Williams is a Brian Dawkins fan.

Alex hung out with us on Thursday. He had a lot to contribute including his partnership with The School of Strength, their dedication to helping obese athletes, particularly in the Special Olympics, and a wonderful tale about perseverance. How did the former Bird overcome the obstacles? We'll let him tell you.

"I would say the biggest thing was my family. They let me keep coming home and chase the dream, keep training. The fact my mom would come to the airport two, three, four times a week in (Los Angeles). Going to LAX is not an easy trip. That's a real pain to go to that airport so I would say them. For me, it was kind of keping that midset. 'If they're going to be in my corner, there's no reason I can't and shouldn't give 100 to 110% every single day to make this come true. And, then, when I got the opportunity, to go to Canada, it was kind of 'all eggs in the basket'. We'll see what happens'. I'm going to go there for three years and kind of give it my all and yeah, then I did and got to come back to Philadelphia. That's kind of where the NFL started (for me). If it would have just been a CFL career, I would have been over the moon because I was playing football for a living".

Did we mention we miss this guy? Alex Singleton signed a three-year, $18 million contract extension with $9 million guaranteed on March 13th, 2023. Yeah, on second thought, maybe he did right by leaving the City of Brotherly Love. There was no way the Eagles were going to pay that type of salary to a linebacker.

Alex Singleton and Vince Egan participated in this Super Bowl Media Week interview on behalf of The School of Strength campaign.

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