Nakobe Dean and 4 other Eagles to rock the Number 17 jersey

  • 15 Eagles players have worn the Number 17 jersey.
  • Two are Super Bowl heroes. One is a Hall-of-Famer.
  • Nakobe Dean is the current owner.
  • He joins a list of some of the most memorable Eagles ever.
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Nelson Agholor - Wide Receiver

Fast forward 32 years from Carmichael's final season in green to the 2015 offseason. That's where we meet Nelson Agholor, a former standout with the USC Trojans that Chip Kelly drafted in the first round of that year's NFL Draft. He would wear the number 17 jersey for the first two seasons of his career. 

Agholor didn't put up the most eye-popping of numbers in his two years with the Philadelphia Eagles. He recorded 648 receiving yards and three receiving touchdowns in his first 28 games. He was inactive for three games as a rookie and another during his sophomore campaign and is probably best remembered for what he didn't do than what he did.

Nelson gave the number 17 jersey to a more talented wide receiver in 2017 (more on that in a second). He took the number 13 jersey for himself. The fresh start worked out well for him. His best seasons with the Birds were his next two before injuries plagued him during his final run with Philly in 2019.

Agholor's career numbers as an Eagle are as follows: 224 receptions, 2,515 receiving yards, 11 rushing attempts, 60 rushing yards, 18 receiving TDs.

Agholor has bounced around since leaving Philly. he spent a year with the Las Vegas Raiders, two years with the New England Patriots, and is currently a member of the Baltimore Ravens.