Obvious Eagles candidates for following Kevin Byard out of the door in free agency

Kevin Byard won't be the only Eagles star that exits this offseason. Many that follow will be familiar faces.

Kevin Byard, Philadelphia Eagles
Kevin Byard, Philadelphia Eagles / Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports
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Justin Evans, safety

Raise your hand if you sometimes forget that Justin Evans is still on the Eagles roster. Yep! That's what we thought. Trust us on this one. He won't be here for much longer.

Evans, a six-foot-tall, 199-pounder looks the part of an NFL safety. He even played like one sometimes during his career, but this past season, his body failed him as injuries thwarted what could have been a bounce-back campaign.

He will now look to join his fourth team since entering the NFL as a second-round draftee in 2017. He should hold his head up. He stands a chance at earning an opportunity somewhere.

Shaquille Leonard, linebacker

You know what? We aren't even angry with Shaquille Leonard. We knew what the drill was when he was signed. Several things were happening simultaneously.

The Indianapolis Colts had given up on him (which was already a bad sign). Philly needed help at the linebacker position. They were also seemingly trying to keep him off the Dallas Cowboys roster.

We all held collective breaths as a thought ran through our minds, 'This had better work'. It didn't. Now, we're back to square one, hoping the Eagles find a legitimate playmaker at linebacker.

They had one, T.J. Edwards. He's gone too. That's another story for another day. Good gracious! Will our favorite team ever take the position seriously?