Eagles DC Vic Fangio again has his character called into question

Vic Fangio's former players haven't been complimentary since his exit, and more shade was thrown recently.
Jevon Holland, Philadelphia Eagles news
Jevon Holland, Philadelphia Eagles news / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

We're not sure when it started last season. Maybe it was the Philadelphia Eagles' collapse. Maybe it was the decision to strip Sean Desai of defensive play-calling duties and hand them to Matt Patricia (which was also a bad idea). Maybe it was the story that came later, one suggesting Desai experienced a disconnect with his players (and some elected to give him the silent treatment).

When the feeling occurred probably isn't as important as what the feeling taught us. A lot of mess was going on last season with the Birds that rubbed us the wrong way. That often led to other conversations, most of which you probably heard or participated in.

'Players are soft'... 'Players are spoiled'... 'Players can't take criticism.

Though it's never been said in this fashion, similar theories are believed to be part of the reason why Vic Fangio's stay in Miami was a short one. Wouldn't you know it? He has a reputation for being gruff. Heck, some believe he was part of the reason Haason Reddick was allowed to walk, but some of his players on last year's Dolphins roster were reportedly ecstatic when he left. Three months later, a Dolphins star is throwing some shade and isn't being shy about it.

Wait! Did Jevon Holland just throw shade at the Eagles' defensive coordinator?

Well, this is interesting. There we were wasting a little time on 'X', and one of our favorite follows, Cameron Wolfe, posted something Dolphins safety Jevon Holland was saying. We probably wouldn't have mentioned it, but again, one of Miami's defensive stars took his opportunity to throw darts at Vic Fangio, Philly's new defensive coordinator.

Yep! You caught the shade, right? Here's why we bring this up? You guys remember all of those less-than-flattering statements that have been made about Philly's locker-room culture, right? The Eagles aren't lacking their fair share of players who have egos, and that's fine. It does beg the question though. How will Fangio's 'hold players accountable' business model mix with a team that, shall we say, would prefer to be praised that coached hard?

There are millions of different roads we could take following Holland's statement. Some of you are probably resting in the 'players are too soft and coddled' section. We get it. We certainly wouldn't accuse Holland of being sensitive or soft. Still, statements like these are believed to lend credence to the theory that guys don't want to be given direction and become too sensitive when it happens.

Now, don't read what hasn't been written. Don't hear what hasn't been said. Coaches must understand that they're dealing with grown-ups and professional athletes. Some leaders don't understand that respect works both ways. We've never been in a Dolphins locker room. We can't attest to what Fangio did or didn't say to his players. With that said, we won't attempt to. Here's what we can say though.

Philly's culture seems to be a healthy one. It's seemingly headed in the right direction, but now and again, players need a pat on the back AND a swift kick in the tail. Philly's players enjoyed much of the former last season and not quite enough of the latter.

Who knows? Some of that rumored Fangio attitude might be good for these Eagles.

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