A half-dozen newer Eagles with excellent opportunities to cash in next offseason

Several new Eagles look to write redemption stories and write their tickets in the process.
Philadelphia Eagles
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There's nothing like a redemption story. Someone making the best of a second chance... The underdog who proves people wrong... In a city like Philly, those stories take on lives of their own. That's why a fictional boxer has a statue. That's also why the Philadelphia Eagles' march to the first Vince Lombardi Trophy felt like the best thing that happened to this town since Pat and Harry Olivieri threw some grilled beef and onions in a toasted roll at a hot dog stand near South Philadelphia's Italian Market.

Fear not if you're looking for comeback stories of a football nature. The 2024 Eagles are loaded with youngsters and veterans looking to bounce back from disappointing seasons, injury-riddled campaigns, and the frustration of knowing their former team believes they no longer have any juice to make noise.

Saquon Barkley is a revenge tour in the making. C.J. Gardner-Johnson is a prodigal son of sorts who has come home. The difference between those two and the guys on this list is the latter are playing on expiring or one-year deals.

Don't shed a tear for them though. They have the stuff to play their way into some cash and maybe a secure spot on this team for a little while longer.

We're cheering for them. Heaven knows we are. Our fingers are crossed that the guys on this list play their way into extensions.

Braden Mann, punter

Well, ever team needs a punter. That includes teams with seemingly stars at every offensive position. Braden Mann has been a welcomed addition, especially seeing as how he followed Arryn Siposs.

Mann's conntract expires after this season, but something tells us he's going to be around for a while/

Isaiah Rodgers, cornerback

Isaiah Rodgers warned us that he hasn't lost a step, and so far, he has earned rave reviews. Sure, OTAs and mandatory minicamps don't require that guys wear pads, but if he continues on the path he's on, we may spend most of the season discussing how brilliant it was for Howie Roseman to sign him and stash him on the roster knowing he wouldn't be able to play for a season.

Rick Lovato, long snapper

Can you think of a reason to move on from Rick Lovato? You can't, can you? While it seems like great long snappers should grow on trees, they truly don't. He won't break any banks. Again, he's a long snapper. He'll be back though, and he'll be making the roster this season... and the next... and the one after that.

Josh Sweat, EDGE

Josh Sweat disappeared during the back half of the most recent Eagles season. We guess we can forgive him. That can be said about most of the Eagles' roster. Cue yet another redemption story.

Sweat was allowed to test the market. Then, Philly figured out a way to restructure his deal while deciding to keep him. Vic Fangio is Philly's new defensive coordinator. Don't be shocked if Sweaty shines and plays his way into an extension.

Devin White, linebacker

He's formerly a top-five draftee and a hero from a Buccaneers Super Bowl win. Devin White fell out of favor in Tampa and now finds his way to Philadelphia.

Make no mistake about it. The guy who earned a Pro Bowl mention (2021) and a Second-Team All-Pro nod is still in his six-foot-tall, 237-pound frame somewhere.

White has vowed that he will bounce back in Philly. Doggone it! We sure as heck believe him.

Mekhi Becton, offensive lineman

White isn't the only recently-added former first-rounder looking to resurrect his career in Philly. Mekhi Becton lives a similar story. He and Bryce Huff, another of the Eagles' prized offseason acquisitions, trade Jets green for Philly's midnight and kelly green hues. We expect this will be good for both.

Jeff Stoutland is the best O-line coach in the game, and he WANTED to coach Becton. This ought to be good. Mekhi is a massive six-foot-seven and 363 pounds. Sheesh! Can you imagine how dominant he could be?

Worth mentioning: John Ross, wide receiver

John Ross has a tough hill to climb to make the Eagles' roster... But, what if he does? Can you imagine the stuff that Kellen Moore will cook up?

Ross says he's faster. He says he's grown up. He says he's more focused. Man, if this works we could stick and hang around. But again... He has to make the roster first.

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