Jason Kelce receives great advice from his wife Kylie (but elects to ignore it)

Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles
Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Football is cool. Philly sports, though sometimes disappointing, give us reason to smile year-in and year-out, but if we're being honest, in our opinion, the Philadelphia Eagles run the city. That doesn't make them the best part of our lives though.

A man can be given no greater gift than a woman. They're the reason we elect against living in apartments forever. They're why we drive better cars as opposed to lemons we have to get serviced twice monthly. Let's be honest, they're the reason some of you have better hygiene.

It's our women that often save our sorry 'you know whats' from ourselves. Our guy Jason Kelce has a good one in Kylie. Don't be shocked if they both have an Emmy win in their future.

Every once in a while, however, a man must be a man, and Kylie couldn't stop our guy from making one of his latest decisions.

Jason Kelce's detail of his wife's advice (and his decision to ignore it) is a side-splitter.

We get it. There are 60 million podcasts, too many to count actually, but New Heights, Jason and Travis Kelce's brand, is definitely worth your attention.

Recently, the brothers Kelce discussed the Kansas City Chiefs win over the Bufffalo Bills... and a Jason Kelce display that you may have heard about. The latter probably wouldn't have happened had the Eagles legend heeded his wife's advice, but again, sometimes a man has to be a man.

“Jason, don’t you dare” jump out of that suite. Hmmm... That sounds like something our wives would tell us, doesn't it? God bless them! We'll get it together one day!

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