New Eagles star was featured in a 76ers recruitment video to lure Paul George

The 76ers pulled out all the stops to lure Paul George to the City of Brotherly Love including a recruitment video featuring Saquon Barkley among others.
Paul George, Philadelphia Eagles news
Paul George, Philadelphia Eagles news / Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

Days later, we still can't believe it. Paul George is a 76er now. We probably shouldn't be shocked. This has been a rumor for a while. Plus, once you've lived in a world where James Harden played in Philly, it would seem like all bets are off (though James seems to be hell-bent on playing for ever NBA team at least once). What do the Philadelphia Eagles have to do with this? We're glad you asked.

P.G.'s recent airing of Podcast P with Paul George is a must-see. This one is entitled The 'Philly Special' Episode, and it details his transition from the L.A. Clippers to the Sixers. A recruitment video was crafted to help entice him.

New Birds tailback Saquon Barkley was one of the guys featured along with Lil Dicky, Kevin Hart, and Mike Trout. Fast forward to the 1:06 mark for the audio. Here's the clip if you're interested.

Paul George continues to turn heads among Philadelphia sports fans and celebrities.

I have never been good enough at basketball to have anyone care that much about where I played. P.G. is turning heads though among some of the city's fans and celebrities. The handles of almost every social media account dedicated to Philly sports are ablaze. Darius Slay has even recently said he's a fan who would like to also collaborate on a podcast. We expect he'll be at a few more Sixers games this season.

Meanwhile, our guy Saquon continues to settle in nicely. We have seen him bonding with teammates on several occasions. He also hung out at a Philly nightclub and channeled his inner Jazzy Jeff.

The former Penn State star won't have to do much to endear himself to Philadelphia if he balls out. The same can be said about George. The Eagles and Sixers are both cashing in their chips in hopes to bring home a title. They'll be adopted sons for life if we see that happen.

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