Nick Sirianni slams the door shut on any theories involving Eagles coaching changes

Direct questions get direct answers. Nick Sirianni follows that rule to a tee.
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

On Tuesday afternoon, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni showed up for one of his weekly pow-wows with the media. Almost immediately, he was asked whether there would be a change in the responsibilities of the coaching staff. 

Offensive coordinator Brian Johnson has received a tremendous amount of criticism from, what seems like, everybody. After his unit failed to score any points during their 33-13 loss to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 14, that criticism is seemingly warranted. We won't even get into what's been going on with Sean Desai's unit on the defensive side of the ball.

But, is that enough evidence to warrant changes or some manipulation of the coaches' responsibilities? Coach Sirianni slammed the door shut on that theory, and he did so rather emphatically.

Nick Sirianni addressed the question about potential changes to the Eagles' coaching strategy very directly... “No.”

We know one thing about Nick Sirianni if we don't know anything else. He's fiercely loyal to his guys. His coordinators have been criticized. The on-field product hasn't been up to snuff, but he stands by his assistants. He remains comfortable with who he's brought into the building.

Will there be any changes to the coaching strategy? Coach gave his answer... "NO!"

Coach also lamented that his team boasts a 10-3 record after 13 games, and they’re going to stick with what they’re doing and continue to “find answers with the people that we have.” Now, to be fair, he has a point. The Eagles are one of the NFL's top teams. They're one of four teams with a 10-3 win-loss total. That’s nothing to shake a stick at in the NFL, but the “find answers with the people that we have,” portion of the discussion does give us all some cause for concern.

That’s especially true because the Eagles haven’t found any answers in the past two weeks. You could say that the turnovers in the Cowboys game halted any sort of production and rhythm that the offense had. That wouldn’t be totally outlandish, but… Come on man!

Everything has looked stale, so much to the point that the only adrenaline-inducing moments of Philly's last game were a fake punt and a forced fumble/scoop and score by a pair of defensive tackles. We’re seeing, and hearing that wide receivers dislike the routes they’re running. We’re not getting the long and productive drives that are needed for the defense to catch their breath. We’re seeing a tremendous lack of juice on both sides of the ball. In short, we're not seeing anything promising.

Check out A.J. Brown's route chart. Thank Benjamin Solak for the assist. This is concerning.

Sure, no one really expected Nick to make a change, and he’s right about why his team shouldn't. Still, it would have been nice to see him address the question with some urgency. If things stay the same over the next four weeks as they have during the past two, the Eagles won't be playing football in February. Who are we kidding? They could be one-and-done in the postseason.

Watch Nick Sirianni's full presser below.

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