Will the Philadelphia Eagles play on Thanksgiving or Christmas this year?

The Eagles' schedule release approaches. Might there be a game played on Thanksgiving or Christmas?
Philadelphia Eagles
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The 2024 NFL schedule release approaches. We know who the Philadelphia Eagles' opponents for the coming campaign are. We know the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs kick things off on Thursday, We're aware of Philly's date in Brazil versus the Green Bay Packers. Past that, we're spending our time twiddling our thumbs and following the notable rumors and updates.

Philly tackles the AFC North and NFC South in 2024. We're expecting quite a few fireworks.

Eagles home and road opponents

New York Giants
Washington Commanders
Dallas Cowboys

Eagles remaining home dates

Green Bay Packers (Sept 6th in Brazil)
Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers
Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers
Jacksonville Jaguars

Eagles remaining road dates

New Orleans Saints
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals
Los Angeles Rams

With that, we shift our attention to the possibility of a few standalone games that place the Birds in a national spotlight.

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Will the Eagles be featured on Christmas or Thanksgiving?

Following a disappointing Christmas Eve loss in 2022, the Eagles were one of six teams featured during the NFL's Christmas Day triple-header last season. They outlasted the hated Giants to the tune of a 33-25 final score, but with no rules preventing any franchise from competing on Christmas in consecutive years, the Birds could find their way into another December 25th affair.

Here are two things worth noting. We have learned league offices and Netflix are in negotiations that should end with the streaming service hosting both games. It also needs to be mentioned that, with these being the first-ever games played on a Wednesday, the competing teams will also be scheduled to play on the previous Saturday (December 21st).

That will allow all four teams the same amount of rest they would be given had they been a team that played consecutive games on a Sunday and the following Thursday.

Philly has played on Christmas twice. There was the Jeff Garcia-led thrashing of the Cowboys in 2006 and Philly's hard-fought disposal of what was still the Oakland Raiders in 2017.

If the Birds were to be involved in a Thanksgiving Day game, there's a possibility that they could visit the hated Cowboys. Then again, that could be unlikely as Philly and Dallas typically meet in Arlington on Sunday Night Football. The Eagles won't play the other traditional holiday host in 2024, the Detroit Lions.

There's also a prime-time game scheduled for Thanksgiving night. That could feature any two teams. So perhaps the Eagles are due for a Turkey Day game this year?

Philly hasn't played on Thanksgiving Day since 2015, an embarrassing 45-14 loss to Detroit. One year prior, they also played the Cowboys on the holiday. That result was more to Birds fans' liking as the guys in green disposed of their rivals by a 33-10 margin.

There are however primetime games played on Turkey Day now. That could feature any combination of teams. Don't forget about the coming second annual Black Friday game. That one's scheduled for November 29th.

Last year, we were treated to an Amazon Prime exclusive featuring the Dolphins and the New York Jets. Long story short, don't rule out a standalone game featuring our Philadelphia Eagles. Keep it locked. We'll keep you abreast of any updates.

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